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Bible Study

Pastor Phil has started a new Bible study on the book of James every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 p.m.  Each session will meet once a week for about one hour. It is being broadcast online in a Facebook study group, or you are also welcome to attend in person. Along with the Bible, we are using a book titled "James For You" by Sam Allsberry, which is available for purchase through Amazon or If you are interested in joining the study online, please contact Pastor Phil to get an invitation to our private Facebook Bible study group where the study and ongoing discussion will be held.

Read Through the Bible in One Year


We are now underway with our One-Year-Bible plan to read through the entire Bible together. Each month we will post a list of the Scriptures to read each day to finish the Bible in a year.


September 2023 Reading Schedule

October 2023 Reading Schedule

November 2023 Reading Schedule

December 2023 Reading Schedule

January 2024 Reading Schedule

February 2024 Reading Schedule

March 2024 Reading Schedule

This plan can also be found and followed by using the The Bible App (also known as YouVersion). This app is available for iPhone and Android in their app stores. You can also read through the plan on your computer at

If you would like to find a way to "kick start" your Bible reading, the past monthly Reading Challenge Plans can be found below for print or download.

June Reading Challenge Plan - The book of John

July Reading Challenge Plan - The letters of Paul

August Reading Challenge Plan - A Brief Walk Through the Bible

For more information about any current or upcoming studies, or if you have a suggestion for a future study, please contact Pastor Phil.

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